Stateye V.4 WebLaborator

(updated to V4.2.3 on 2007-05-17)

This is the web fontend for Stateye CBF-Elaborator V.4.2.3 which is accessible via any web browser.
Please see a detailed description of the usage further below.
Stateye m-code generated here will be compatible with the binaries and scripts of V.4.2.1 through V.4.2.3.
available on the
Stateye homepage (2007-05-17). However, it is recommended that only service release V.4.2.3 be used. 


Usage of this web fontend for Stateye CBF-Elaborator V.4.2.3 :

The procedure to elaborate XML files by means of this web front end is as follows:

1. To start with, please upload your CBF-XML files which you want to have elaborated:

2. Having successfully uloaded files, a list of .CBF and .XML files available for elaboration will be displayed:

3. The resulting m files will be stored on the server automatically under the same name, extension .m. A list of m files available for viewing or download will be displayed:

4. Your uploaded and generated files will be deleted from the web server automatically after a while - typically after closing your browser windows. You can delete all files manually by clicking the delete button ().

Click here for Stateye V.4.2 documentation (PDF) .

For questions and bug reports please contact .

This web application is hosted by NUMBER7.